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David Frederick Music - df|MG

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David's Modern Audio Blog is a resource for those interested in scoring music, sound design, and production of audio for digital media. This blog is managed by df|Music Group. David answers questions, contributes blog articles, and provides overall creative direction.



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df|MG is the home of award-winning composer and sound designer David Frederick, df|MG Signature Series Sound Effects & Sample Packs, David Frederick Modern Audio Blog, df|MG Publishing, and df|MG Records.


For more information or to contact David and his team regarding music scoring, sound design, and consulting please visit:  |  |




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David is an Emmy-nominated composer and sound designer who with years of award-winning work continues to inspire audiences through his music and creativity. 


In a career that has earned him critical acclaim and numerous awards, David has proven himself to be a versatile and dynamic composer in a wide range of musical styles and contexts.


In addition to crafting his own work as a composer and artist, David has composed music for, produced, performed with, programmed, and created sounds and samples for other high-profile artists, entertainers, and composers. 


No matter the genre, medium, or venue, David displays boundless enthusiasm with the ability to engage and connect with the listener through his talent for crafting evocative and memorable new musical worlds.


Whatever your personal tastes in music, media, entertainment, or popular culture, chances are good that you've had at least a passing acquaintance with the work of David Frederick.


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Composer David Frederick
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