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The Sound Of Silence

As someone who has done a fair share of cinematic sound design and field recording, some of my favorites things about this type of work and craft is the sound of silence. Silence from humans. Sitting in a forrest, by a river, on a secluded beach...with almost no sound from humans...even if for only a minute or two to record that magic. What is this sound of humans? Traffic, airplanes, jet's, people, boats, chain saws, sirens, etc. In modern society we have what I call sonic dissonance. We no longer simply listen to our surroundings, be present mentally and sonically. Worse, many of us can no longer hear. Our brains simply accept the sounds of modern life and can no longer differentiate.

Don't get me wrong. The sounds of modern life can have their own symphony of noise and beauty. But what about the natural world sans humans. We are losing the sound of silence. This is why I suggest checking out this amazing organization called the Quite Parks International. or

Quiet Parks International is a non-profit committed to saving quiet for the benefit of all life. Quiet Parks International was formerly known as the One Square Inch of Silence Foundation. Their mission is to save quiet for the benefit of all life.

You should check them out. Very cool, very interesting, and very important work. No, I do not work with this group, they do not sponsor me or my work, I simply think its worth your time to check them out and maybe even support them.

- DF


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