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Learn how to get creative with Ableton Live’s Auto Pan effect

If you use Ableton, you know its a powerful composition tool. You also know you should be using df|MG Signature Series Ableton Loops and Sample packs. You can get them here!

Ok, now that the shameless promotion is over, this is a great article and tutorial by Sam Willings and Liam O'Mullane from Music Tech Magazine (a great resource on music technology, tips and tricks and more. Check them out here:. If you're an Ableton user, this is worth the read and watch.

Experimenting with the stereo image of a track isn’t a new technique in music technology, but Ableton Live 10‘s Auto Pan device is capable of doing more than just pan-pot modulation. Automating pan is a great way to give your instruments some movement, but with parameters like Phase, Shape, Rate and Offset, Auto Pan can turn your synth pads into tremolo-like sounds.

Liam O’Mullane, MusicTech’s Ableton Live expert, breaks down the features of Auto Pan and shows you how to create new textures in this week’s Ableton Live Tutorials video.


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