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How To Master Your EQ

He is a great article from Ryan Waniata and Derek Malcolm over at Digital Trend on mastering your EQ. A lost art in today's digital world. Properly using EQ can make or break your recording. Check it out!

Contrary to what those bottle DJs on YouTube would have you believe, mixing sound isn’t just twiddling fake nobs and sliders to make you look cool on the internet. Coaxing the best possible balance of tones out of a piece of music is an art form in and of itself, whether you’re a producer, engineer, DJ, or just a music lover with an iPhone and a Spotify account.

The equalizer, or EQ, has come a long way since your dad’s graphic EQ with the tiny little sliders that you never quite understood — but somehow messing with them made his Zeppelin records sound “rad.” But for most devices you’ll encounter these days, it’s all done digitally.

EQ settings can now be found in everything from phones and wireless speakers to home theater soundbars and streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, but often in the form of safe presets such as “Rock,” Hip-Hop,” or “Bass Booster.

Understanding how exactly an EQ works and using it properly will put the power of sound-sculpting at your fingertips and can get you closer to the sound you want from your gear. But it can be intimidating, so we’re here to help with our top-to-bottom guide to mastering your equalizer for the perfect sound.


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