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Everything You Need To Know Or Want To Know About Headphone Jacks

Here is an extensive overview of the different type of headphone jacks from the folks over at Headphonesty. This is a must have resource for audio engineers, mixing enginers or anyone one working in Pro Audio and Music Production!

You will never look at the headphone jack and plug the same way again.

Headphone jack is dead!

Apple has killed the headphone jack.

Sounds familiar? Ever since Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 in favor of a lightning port, other smartphone companies have quickly followed suit with the removal of the once omnipresent port. There are still a few major companies like LG and Samsung who choose to release their flagships with the headphone jack, but I suspect that could change with the upcoming trend of true wireless headphones.

The truth is that most mainstream consumers don’t care for the headphones jack. Good riddance, they say.

So, why should you care then?

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