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Yep, I know. But take a look at this....very interesting. You have been warned.

Google Gemini AI Music
Google Gemini AI Music

So I was playing around with Googles new Gemini AI update and I asked it the following question. Very interesting response. Check it out...BTW - The above image was generated by the same AI that answered below.

My question - "Generate a piece of music for an action film"

GOOGLE GEMINI - "Unfortunately, I cannot directly generate music. However, I can help you conceptualize and describe a piece of music for an action film based on different characteristics! To do that effectively, I'll need some additional information:

  1. What kind of action scene is it? Is it a high-octane car chase, a tense fistfight, or a last-stand battle? The scene's mood and intensity will heavily influence the music.

  2. What is the overall tone of the film? Is it serious and dramatic, lighthearted and fun, or somewhere in between? This will affect the instruments used and the overall feel of the music.

  3. Are there any specific themes or motifs you want the music to convey? Perhaps a sense of heroism, impending danger, or the ticking clock of a deadline.

Once you provide me with some details, I can create a detailed description of the music, including:

  • Tempo and Rhythm: Is it fast-paced and frenetic, or slower and suspenseful? Are there any specific rhythmic elements that would be effective, like pounding drums or driving basslines?

  • Melody and Harmony: Is the melody heroic and uplifting, or dark and ominous? Are there any key changes or modulations to build tension or release it?

  • Instrumentation: Which instruments would best capture the mood and style of the scene? Would it be an orchestral score, a rock band, or something more electronic?

  • Overall Mood: How should the music make the audience feel? Excited, scared, empowered, or something else entirely?

By giving me some context, I can help you create the perfect piece of action film music for your scene!"

My Response - Serious and dramatic, bad guys coming over a ridge with fog and darkness around them

Google Gemini Response

"Action Scene: Shadows in the Fog

Overall Mood: Ominous, tense, building anticipation.

Tempo: Starts slow and suspenseful, gradually building to a fast-paced climax.

Rhythm: Starts with a slow, steady drumbeat, gradually adding percussion and building intensity. Consider incorporating driving basslines later in the piece.

Melody and Harmony: Minor key, starting with a dark and brooding melody. As the music builds, incorporate dissonant harmonies and chromaticism to heighten tension. Near the climax, a brief, rising major key motif could hint at a potential challenge or resistance.

Instrumentation: Primarily orchestral, with a focus on strings and low brass to create a sense of impending doom. Woodwinds can add mournful accents, while percussion builds the tension. For the climax, consider incorporating powerful brass fanfares and driving percussion.

Specific Cues:

  • At the start, emphasize the fog and darkness with sustained string chords and ethereal woodwind passages.

  • As the bad guys appear over the ridge, introduce a low, menacing motif in the brass section.

  • As they descend, gradually increase the tempo and intensity of the music.

  • Include sharp, percussive accents to punctuate their movements and convey a sense of danger.

  • If there is a specific leader among the bad guys, consider giving them a distinct musical theme that plays whenever they are in focus.

  • Near the climax, build to a powerful crescendo that emphasizes the potential for violence and conflict.

  • If the scene ends with a cliffhanger, leave the music unresolved, with a suspenseful dissonance hanging in the air.


  • If there are any heroes present in the scene, consider incorporating a heroic counter-melody that hints at their potential to resist the bad guys. This could create a sense of hope and anticipation amidst the darkness.

I hope this helps you create the perfect piece of music for your scene!"

Back to me...DF....So interesting usage of the correct terminology, instrumentation, key signature, mood, rhythm, articulations, dynamics. Interesting. I suspect not long before an iterative AI generation of the results...i.e. custom music. If it can describe it, it can create it. AI can already create art and images, not a leap to music, film, scripts (read the language under Specific cues bullet points 1 and 2), characters and more. "If the scene ends with a cliffhanger, leave the music unresolved, with a suspenseful dissonance hanging in the air." It even tells you how to end the scene and suggests "suspenseful dissonance hanging in the air"? WTF!

Just to hammer my point home further, here is a short ROMCOM script I asked Gemini to write for me. Be the judge for your self. I could literally ask AI to write me the script, the music score (at least the outline), character design, etc. and ultimately put some folks out of work.

FROM GEMINI (Prompt...write me a short Rom Com script)

"Love at First Audition

Logline: An uptight, by-the-book architect and a free-spirited, unconventional actress are forced to work together on a community theatre production, leading to hilarious clashes and unexpected sparks.


  • Audrey (30s): A meticulous architect with a Type-A personality.

  • Leo (30s): A charming, charismatic actor with a laid-back approach.

  • Doris (60s): The enthusiastic director of the community theatre production.

Scene 1:


Doris bustles around a chaotic rehearsal space, barking instructions. Audrey sits stiffly, meticulously reviewing her script. Leo saunters in, late and with a disarming smile.

DORIS: Ah, Audrey! And finally, Mr. Last-Minute arrives. Let's meet our Romeo and Juliet!

Audrey and Leo shake hands, their contrasting personalities evident.

AUDREY: (professionally) I'm a firm believer in punctuality, Mr....?

LEO: (grinning) Call me Leo, Juliet. Your balcony awaits.

Scene 2:


Audrey and Leo stumble through a scene. Audrey delivers her lines perfectly, but lacks passion. Leo throws himself into the performance, but with exaggerated theatrics.

DORIS: (clapping) Bravo! Just a smidge more intensity, Audrey, and Leo, tone down the melodrama, darling.

AUDREY: Perhaps if Mr. Improvisation stuck to the script...

LEO: Loosen up, Shakespeare! A little spontaneity never hurt anyone.

Scene 3:


Frustrated after another clash, Audrey storms off during rehearsal. Leo follows, catching up to her on a park bench.

LEO: You're like a beautiful building, Audrey - perfectly structured, but missing a soul.

AUDREY: And you're like a ramshackle house, Leo - charming, but ready to collapse.

They argue playfully, then unexpectedly laugh together.

Scene 4:


Opening night arrives. Nervous energy fills the air. Audrey, in costume, looks surprisingly relaxed. Leo approaches, a single flower in hand.

LEO: For my Juliet, to calm those stage fright jitters.

AUDREY: (smiling) Thank you, Romeo. Perhaps some improvisation tonight won't be so bad, after all.

Scene 5:


The play is a success. Audrey and Leo deliver a nuanced, passionate performance, their on-stage chemistry undeniable. The final scene ends with a kiss, both surprised and thrilled. The audience erupts in applause.

Scene 6:


Audrey and Leo stand outside, the glow of the theatre behind them.

LEO: So, Juliet, ready for another unscripted adventure? Maybe dinner, under the real stars this time?

AUDREY: (smiling) Perhaps, Romeo. But next time, let's try a slightly tighter script.

They laugh, their future full of possibility.

The End

NOTE: This is just a short sample. You can add more scenes, characters, and subplots to expand the story further. Have fun with it!"

Call me crazy have been warned.



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