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5 Things You Believe Make a Great Mix (That Don’t!)

We came across this great article by Matthew Weiss over at Pro Audio Files on mixing and wanted to share.

The internet is great in many ways. We can keep connected with people and communities even when we can’t be there in person. Unfortunately, there are distinct negative aspects to mass communities in constant communication.

One, in particular, is cyclical knowledge. One piece of catchy information can start to circulate around communities. The more people talk about it, the more important it seems, and then even more people talk about it. This feedback circuit of information can make one little bit of nothing seem like a mountain of importance.

In this list, I will be naming concepts or processes that people have embraced as magic bullets for immediately making a mix great if implemented correctly (or, at all). Spoilerthey won’t. In fact, some of these things aren’t necessary at all and some can easily make your mix worse. In addition, to explain what these things are, and how they can help or harm, I’m going to examine why I believe they became popular “magic bullet mix fixers.”

I’ll be going in reverse order from most legitimately useful to absolute utter nonsense.


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